About Joe Piggin

Hi, thanks for visiting.

I have taught and researched at various universities in the areas of sport policy, sport management, and physical activity policy. Originally from New Zealand, I currently reside in the UK.

My posts here focus on asking 3 simple but important questions:

  • Q: Which organisations are producing knowledge about physical activity?
  • Q: How?
  • Q: Why?

My interest in the politics of physical activity has various influences, including:
– my own active, sporty childhood
– my original undergraduate studies in Physical Education
– the obvious potential of physical activity in the lives of everyone, potential that is often never realized, or extinguished at an early age.

I view physical activity not just as something which is potentially positive, but also something which is inherently political. The ways in which opportunities to be active are framed, the resources put into some activities at the expense of others, and the subsequent conflicts and contests over ideas about physical activity, are all worthy or close inspection.

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