An NFL “extended conversation” on youth traumatic brain injury is 2 mins 51 secs.

This video from the NFL is quite disturbing. The NFL calls it an “extended conversation that covers all sides of youth sports and safety.” It is actually only 2 minutes and 51 seconds of conversation, much of which is based on anecdotes from the various mothers involved.

Part 2 is also disturbing. Here a “mom” asks “What is your opinion on how many concussions is too many? For example, my son is 10. He’s already had 2.” Later, one mother says she thinks had had more concussions than her former NFL-playing husband because … “I’m only 5ft5. I play basketball. I get hit in the head so many times …”

I’m no neuropsychologist like Dr. Elizabeth Pieroth (one of the moms), but my relatively intact brain thinks that we should aim to avoid harming the brains of children. This means getting rid of full contact American football for children.

Photo from the physical activity lobby document
Photo from the physical activity lobby document “Designed To Move” (2012), which was endorsed by the NFL. However, little brains are not designed to move inside the skull.